Flying Fly – Cavern Adventures Of A Rasta Hornet

Get ready for an adventure you will never forget!

Choose your favorite fly, strap on your jetpack and zip through colorful caves filled with danger and adventure!

There are four cute and colorful flies to choose from 2 guys and 2 gals.

Lenny (the star fly) is a terrible driver but loves smashing things while flying his jetpack!

Dez (the green fly) reluctantly gave up his skateboard for this jetpack and loves living on the edge!

Fauna (the most colorful fly) is the youngest but she still has a lot of skills and can’t wait to prove herself!

Ella (the fly with gray wings) loves to tumble, jump and fly and can’t wait to use her new jet pack!

Dodge the strong walls and break through the weak walls for extra points!

Collect speed boosters along the way for turbo speed smashing through the strong walls as you blast through the caves!

The caves get very tight at times so I hope you are not cluster phobic!

Complete the numerous challenges like ‘tight squeezes’ ‘flying for 1 min without powerups’ and much more! Challenges get more difficult as you progress.

Collect as many golden coins as you can so that you can purchase very cool upgrades including mystery boxes, turbo boosters, invincibility, character unlock and jet-pack specials!

Challenge your friends to see who gets the most points! Boast to your facebook friends about you achievements with our facebook share button.

You will love the colorful graphics, the cute buzzing hornets, and the awesome challenges, definitely one of the best flying games out right now!

* 4 different fabulous flies (2 girls, 2 guys)
* 40 different achievements/challenges
* Leader Boards
* Awesome Power Ups
* One touch gameplay that is easy to learn
* Keep track of your top 20 scores
* Facebook sharing tool
* Colorful graphics
* Addictive gameplay

 Flying Flie - Cavern Adventure- screenshot thumbnail

 Flying Flie - Cavern Adventure- screenshot

iPad Screenshot 2

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