Iso Maze Blocks 2017


Join this enjoying isometric game and have fun jumping on the bricks and collecting coins! Tap on the left side of the screen to jump on the left and vice versa. Be careful, spikes destroy you! Beat the high score and compete with your friends!

Iso Maze Overview
Jump through the endless 3d labyrinth of green towers and Vibrant Paths that is the Colour Maze Infinite Puzzle.
Leap past stacks and tiles, trigger switches, that will change the course of your journey. As you move upwards, be sure to switch side to side and jump to the correct side.
With simple one touch controls, tap left or right to jump to switch directions and navigate the labyrinth. Follow the coloured paths through the Color stars maze and avoid the enemy red spikes they can destroy you! and don’t miss a step or you’ll disappear into the abyss!

Will you conquer the heights of the labyrinth and soar to the Top of the Iso Maze Infinite Puzzle Leader-boards?

I hope you will enjoy the game

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