Two Accounts for Whatsapp

This application let you use two Whatsapp account in one phone or who phones with only one Whatsapp account.

Are you a heavy of Whatsapp? If you love the messaging and you have more than one account, or simply want to have Double Whatsapp options, try this app. It will give you tons of multiple options, no matter what are your needs related to the Facebook owned platform. This is a companion app created for Whatsapp! It enables you to have dual whatsapp or double whatsapp i.e 2 whatsapp in 1 phone.

You have one whatsapp account, where all of your contacts are stored. What about those peple that have more than phone and they use both of them all the time, like one for work and one for personal use. With our app you can install the same account on the two phones. Vice versa, you have two Whatsapp accounts, one for work, other for personal use. With our app you can also put 2 whatsapp in one phone. The second whatsapp can only be added throughout our app.

There are few simple steps you need to do to have two whatsapp in one phone or the same whatsapp on 2 phones. With few simple taps you can use whatsapp normally but from 2 phones or from 2 accounts. All normal functions are kept and you can easily send messages, pictures, videos etc.

How to use
1- open this application on your mobile
2-Now open Whatsapp Web by the fallowing:
In the chat window click on menu the click in whatsapp web
3- on the other phone go to setting then click on whatsapp web.
Scan the QR code on whatsapp application screen.

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